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Cow burps heat up the Earth; Biotech company invents Bovine Beano

Spirulina avoids such concerns as feeding the cows spirulina containing the enzyme does not in any way get absorbed in the cow's bloodstream or milk.

Impacts of Carbon Footprints on the Water Cycle of Earth

Global warming triggers changes in the global water cycle and primarily impacts the increase in vapour pressure in the atmosphere.

Countering climate change with the condemned cow

Changing opinion in the scientific community wants the cattle back in field to solve a problem it started.

Respecting Marine Life: A Conversation with Dr. Shoaib Kiani

Marine Turtles have been present on the face of our planet ever since the presence of dinosaurs in the Jurassic period.

Coal-Fired Power Plants: The Gorillas of Climate Change

Approximately 100 million tons of coal are produced annually by coal-fired power plants.

Climate Change and Residential Buildings – The way forward

Earlier in September 2021, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, signed an executive order to tackle the climate crisis by making the...

Deadliest Impacts of Ecosystem variation on Marginalized Communities

The UN Secretary-General has named 2021 a “make or break” year.

Where does Pakistan stand in the environment war?

Young climate activist Durlabh Ashok has been representing Pakistan in several sessions of COP-26 at the Global Environment Summit in Glasgow.

A Twin Affair: National Security and Climate Change

Climate change has been one of the grave issues this planet experiences and its impact on national security intensifies the danger.

Nurturing Environment through Data Science

The practical application of data science for environmental protection requires a hefty sum of financial input and resource usage, proving challenging for developing countries.

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