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Does Life Exist Beyond Our Solar System?

"Complex life is probably extremely rare, and life making mega-structures or traveling between the stars is even rarer still." ~Damer

Carbovigilance: Carbon Footprint of Pharma with Formulation Researcher Dr Sajid Asghar

Pakistani pharmaceutical industry lacks the infrastructure and the technological capabilities for innovative and cutting-edge research in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Genetics in the Spotlight: Perspectives from a Scientist and Communicator Dr. Alex Dainis

It doesn’t serve the public, it doesn’t serve the science.~ Dr Alex

A conversation with Dr. Muniapann about the biological invasion and pest management practices in Nepal

"My approach is to utilize local parasitoids, or natural enemies to supress a pest."

Dr. Abro speaks on the role of Cyberspace in the National Security

"A paradigm shift in warfare is that cyber warfare is now an everlasting activity that would only intensify in times to come."

Exploring DATA Sciences with Prof. Dr. Murtaza Haider

Data Science is considered one of the lucrative and challenging job fields in the 21st century. This is an era where data itself is...

Talking Data in Healthcare and Opportunities for Women with Dr. Bushra Anjum

The healthcare industry is one of the most striking beneficiaries of data sciences. In post-Covid world medical diagnostics, medical treatment is becoming more efficient...

A Conversation on Climate Cycles and their impact on our Planet with Prof. Dr. Nayyer A. Zaigham

Geology is mainly the study of non-human-induced changes taking place throughout earth’s history. Geologists think of the last 50 million years as the recent...

Uncovering the Secrets of Archaeology with Bibhu Dev Misra

"Our ancestors have left behind a large body of knowledge in the form of enormous volumes of sacred texts whose true meanings are still obscure." ~ Dev Misra

Navigating the aerospace industry with Anique Ajmal Siddiqui

From SpaceX sending missions to the International Space Station to the development of state-of-the-art passenger planes, the aerospace industry worldwide seems to be moving...

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