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natural disasters

Unleashing Nature’s Fury: Earth Storm— A Compelling Docuseries

It is an adrenaline-pumping journey into the very heart of Mother Nature's most incredible and terrifying phenomena.

Shooting Food Insecurity in South Asia

Hunger is not merely an issue of charity; it is the issue of justice concerning the availability, distribution, and utilization of food resources.

Talking climate change, disaster management, and the geological state of Pakistan with Dr. Qasim Jan

Being one of the most prominent geologists in Pakistan, Dr. Qasim Jan is a recognized international scientist and has received many awards, including TI,...

World’s most devastating wildfires and their impact on climate change

Contributing factors for wildfires include global warming and climate change; the most apparent link-up is with rising air temperatures.

Historical flood in Jeddah: risks, and vulnerabilities

This blaze flood is among the most regular and exorbitant catastrophic events as far as human and monetary misfortune in some parched districts.

When Fast Profit Beats the Vision of Sustainability− Nature Responds

With this edition, we aim to challenge media-driven stereotypes of natural disasters.

Australian Bushfires at the Beginning of 2020

The leading natural reason behind these wildfires in Australia is lightning coupled with human and other biological activities.

Technology against natural disasters and its status in Pakistan

Promising algorithms will be available capable of fast and accurate hand in-depth analysis of data obtaining from the atmosphere, ocean, or the biosphere.

Remote Sensing and GIS to Win− Managing disaster through Early Warning System

The GIS coupled with GPS is handy in search and rescue operations in disaster-impacted areas in the disaster relief phase.

How the Fukushima catastrophe unfolded

Natural catastrophes occur and cause damage on a massive scale, but when this is linked with another disaster that is usually man-made, then the situation turns into uncontrollable havoc.

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