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Impacts of Carbon Footprints on the Water Cycle of Earth

Global warming triggers changes in the global water cycle and primarily impacts the increase in vapour pressure in the atmosphere.

Respecting Marine Life: A Conversation with Dr. Shoaib Kiani

Marine Turtles have been present on the face of our planet ever since the presence of dinosaurs in the Jurassic period.

Pakistan’s Dr. Afzal shortlists for Nature Research Awards 2021 for Driving Global Impact


Nurturing Environment through Data Science

The practical application of data science for environmental protection requires a hefty sum of financial input and resource usage, proving challenging for developing countries.

The waste of plenty is the resource of scarcity!

The accelerating rate of urbanization and population has led to a drastic increase in the demand for freshwater supplies.

Review: ‘Brave Blue World’ will steer you away from feeling blue

Water, a basic necessity of life, is not available for everyone. It is the sad truth we face today in the 21st century. About...

Man vs Nature: How Plastic Pollution is Desecrating World’s Seas and Oceans

A significant portion of the earth is covered in dumped plastic endangering animal and potentially human health.

Water Scarcity: Threats to a Global “Day Zero”

Water is a precious life-giving commodity; it becomes scarce because it is never treated as worthy as gold, oil, gas, or other natural resources of industrial importance.

Scarcity of Drinking Water & Sanitation in Baluchistan

Although a global issue these days, Balochistan is facing a scarcity of water for a long time.

Ocean Privatization can minimize the Environmental Destruction

Today we see the islands of garbage on the ocean surface. The ocean converts into the molls of debris just because of human activities....

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