The Horse Nebula

Lift up your eyes and see who created this these stars.

The Horse Nebula is a small dark Nebula in the constellation Orion. This is just located in South Alnitak, which is an Eastern star of Orion belt. The horse Nebula is categorized as dark nebula those are clouds of dust in space, commonly they obscure behind them. Here is a collection of some stunning astrophotographs of Horse Nebula captured worldwide.

Photographer: MIKE HANKEY

Horse Nebula

Captured in Pakistan

Photographer: Abubaker Shekhani 

Source: Karachi Astronomers Society

Captured during a Rutjagga arranged by KAS

Source: ESO observatory

Photographer: Anonymous

Horse Nebula, a close-up shot

Captured in China

Photographer: Xu Weibinin

A stunning shot

Photographer: Joshua Rhoades

A mesmerizing click by Joshua

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