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What is a Cloud Burst?

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Muhammad Abdullah Khan
Muhammad Abdullah Khanhttps://scientiamag.org
Muhammad Abdullah Khan has done bachelors in Chemistry from Government College University Lahore. He is a science enthusiast and loves to read and write about astronomy, cosmology and latest scientific endeavors.

Cloud burst is a natural meteorological phenomenon, occurs when sudden extremely heavy rainfall falls within a very short interval of time. These incidents usually occur in localized areas, especially in mountainous areas, and most often are accompanied by thunderstorms. 

A cloud Burst

The hottest air currents carrying large amounts of water vapor tend to rise on the mountainside while violent up rushing air currents prevent condensed raindrops from falling on the ground and thus accumulate extremely high levels of vapor which ultimately burst in the form of heavy rainfall wreaking havoc and destruction. The destructive power of nature is most visible on mountain slopes, valleys, and gullies which are instantly filled with water due to heavy downpour.

The intensity of the cloud burst in the most severe cases can only be conjectured. On 29th November 1911, a rainfall of 63mm (2.47 inches) was recorded in just three minutes in Porto Bello Panama. In other cases, excavations made into the ground by the falling water of cloud burst have indicated the extreme intensity of this powerful natural phenomenon.

Last week at least two dozen people were feared dead and several others reported missing on Monday after flash floods, due to a cloudburst, wreaked havoc within minutes in Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir.

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