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Bashir Ahmad

Bashir Ahmad is a student of MBBS at NorthWest School of Medicine, Peshawar. He works as a freelance ‘Science and Tech’ writer at Scientia, PakistanInfo, and PakiScience.

Pakistan’s Innovations in Medical Sciences in 2020

Here we discuss some of the most prominent medical science discoveries, and innovations are done by Pakistani researchers in the year 2020.

How Pakistan’s scientific community fights the pandemic

COVID-19 has become a question of survival for not only people but industries, education systems, tourism, businesses, and even economies of countries. Healthcare systems...

Research Culture in Pakistan’s Medical Colleges

Staying this idle when medical students could contribute significantly to biomedical research was quite strange, unfair, and entirely unacceptable.

Battling against Poliovirus

Shabana, an eight-year-old girl in Bajaur district, was waiting for her sisters to return from school. Unlike other young kids who used to wait...

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