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Saadeqa Khan

Saadeqa Khan is the founder, CEO, & Editor-in-Chief of Scientia Pakistan. She's a member of the Oxford Climate Journalism Network (Second Cohort) and NASW. Saadeqa is a fellow of NPF Washington, The Falling Walls Foundation, and the Science Journalism Forum. Saadeqa has won several international journalism grants and awards for her reports.

In Today’s world, Anthropology is more important than ever

With the help of new concepts and methods, anthropologists have learned about ancient civilizations' social and cultural aspects.

Anthropology in Today’s Interconnected World

With fast-paced changes comes responsibility, as humans, to consider the implications of our shifting realities.

Team Foxtrot’s project ‘BARQ’ is all set for IMechE UAS Challenge 2022

Team scored another perfect score of 20/20 on its Preliminary Design Review.

What does Data reveal about Global Energy Demand and Consumption?

The world consumes approximately 100 million barrels of oil each day.

Bioenergy — A Potential Solution to Energy Shortage Amid Climate Emergency

Researchers reveal that biofuel farms that are appropriately placed and fully integrated could be sustained ecologically.

We Eagerly wait when both Hubble and JWST will work Conjointly

"Together they can solve more mysteries than either one can by itself." ~Mansoor Ahmad

Saving the Dark Skies: A Conversation with Rayan Khan on Discussing the Threats to Light Pollution

Wildlife experts have been raising the issue that thousands of migratory birds die each year because of light pollution.

Probing into the Ultimate Question, Does Another Solar System EXIST?

On the historical launch of JWST, Scientia Pakistan brings its exclusive edition with the theme “Solar System”.

Mubashir Rehmani includes in Top 1 Percent of Researchers Worldwide

To young researchers in PakistaN I'd suggest that should always follow the right path, do not look for shortcuts, and never ever compromise on ethical principles.

The Beauty of Pakistan’s National Parks is on the Verge of Destruction

The Hingol national park, Hazar Ganji, and Chiltan national parks in Balochistan provide a safe habitat to several endangered species of flora and fauna.

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