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Sandeep Poddar

Sandeep Poddar is the convener of Ignited Minds Science Club affiliated with VIGYAN PRASAR. He is a Science Communicator and develops and presents scientific content for Yuvaaz Podcast. He can catch at; http://www.ignitedminds777.wordpress.com/

Finding extraterrestrial life: Are we ready enough?

Since the advent of our collective consciousness, we have been quenching our curiosities through explorations of our surroundings.

Every Data has a Story: Visualizing an Idea beyond Data

Visualizing the data is a part of serving it in a beautiful, comprehensive, and compelling form that is a visual treat.

How the tropic cyclone, Tauktae, wreaked havoc in the Arabian Sea

Throughout its history of 4.5 billion years, Earth has been a dynamic creature breathing in and out its atmosphere. The uneven heating of the...

The Buzz of a Space Wonder: Comet Neowise

Comets are very important to learn because they are great timekeepers of the universe.

Astrophotography Contest; We Share the same Sky

Astronomy is the oldest science we know. The sun, the moon, and the stars have been the fulcrum of our scientific stretch. We have...

Black Hole In The Backyard

Black holes are considered as the apex of astronomical curiosities that we humans have garnered for the last few decades. Last year we even...

Teen discovers a new exoplanet

It took William Herschel a lifetime to discover Uranus back in 1781. Cosmologist James Peebles and astronomers Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz took nearly 7 years...

The Mystery behind MARSQUAKES

Mars has been mankind’s wonderland since the very advent of a scientific revolution. With the advancement in technology, we have been able to delayer...

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