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Year in Review: The Best of AI in 2019

In the past decade, Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the digital world in marvelous ways. Almost every smart appliance uses AI in one way or...

A Well-cited Research by a Pakistani Author, Engr Mohammad Nawaz

Engr Nawaz developed the NEH algorithm in 1980 during his M Eng at Penn State University, US, which is an essential part of almost all references or textbooks covering Scheduling topics.

Breakthrough cures of Stem Cells therapy in Humans

Stem cells are basically undifferentiated cells that mean they're capable of developing into cells that perform various functions in different parts of the body....

Advancement in Life extension strategies or drugs during 2019

Life expansion is expanding the human life expectancy, either humbly – through upgrades in medication – or significantly by extending the highest life expectancy...


It's a family gathering. 8-year-old Fahad is having dinner with his parents and the visiting Uncle's family. Fahad finishes his dinner early and leaves...

Pakistan; The Road towards Digitalization

"Speed is the new currency of business," according to Marc Benioff, The CEO of Sales force In-corporations, one of the leading cloud-based Software companies...

Making Science public should be our priority

Our policymakers and think tanks should work on a proper strategy and planning for 2020 to tackle future challenges.

CO₂ emissions to be an all-time high in 2019

Scientists have been warning over the years about the drastic climate change and global warming. This year, such climate-warming CO2 emissions are expected...

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