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Beyond the Brick and Mortar: How Ancient Homes Were Cooler Than Modern Ones

Ancient architecture techniques allowed them to handle extreme heatwaves with ease.

An open Anthropological discourse with Dr. Abid Chaudhry

We must redefine our academic culture to be less complicated and connect anthropology and other social sciences relevant to people.

In Today’s world, Anthropology is more important than ever

With the help of new concepts and methods, anthropologists have learned about ancient civilizations' social and cultural aspects.

Evolution of Languages in South Asia

South Asia is one of world's most diverse territories and the languages spoken here are also unique in their features.

Story of Human Evolution- From Apes to Man

The story of human evolution is based on Darwin's theory of evolution and spans millions of years.

NASA still making the most of the 6,000-year-old amulet discovered in Pakistan

The wood-wheel-shaped amulet is the first ever example of 'lost-wax casting' still in practice.

Baluchistan Sphinx; Is it a human-made rock-cut Archaeological marvel?

The entire site gives the impression of a grand architectural complex, which has been eroded by the elements and covered by sediment layers.

Uncovering the Secrets of Archaeology with Bibhu Dev Misra

"Our ancestors have left behind a large body of knowledge in the form of enormous volumes of sacred texts whose true meanings are still obscure." ~ Dev Misra

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