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Top Pakistani Start-ups that roar in the world of AI

After the flourishing of AI and machine learning, innovation would not a new thing in Pakistan. There will be such AI systems that...

Artificial Intelligence Genie in a bottle

In 1950, John McCarthy coined the term “artificial intelligence ” or “AI” and designed the notion of programming machines to use language for solving...

A Unique Story of Cyber Crime

David Pokora; The convicted Xbox Hacker.

Artificial Intelligence; News of the month

Artificial Intelligence is a new question among science researchers. Let us scroll through the hottest news of the September on Artificial Intelligence.  Tuna gets robotic Researchers...

Transhuman: Advances in Longevity Medicines

Transhumanists believe that we should augment our bodies with new technology.

A Talk with Dr. Fauzia, Pakistan’s first female Cyber Security Analyst

Dr. Abro, Pakistan’s first female with a doctorate in Cyber Security from a foreign University, the first female Ph.D. of Pakistan Armed Forces.

The Rise of Machines: A Dilemma of Digital age

The premise is a simple one – a robot gains sentience deems its human masters inferior and sounds a binary war cry, overthrowing mankind’s...

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