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Data lies in the Core of Digital World

Big data is challenging the way people live as it contributes to every sphere of life.

Nurturing Environment through Data Science

The practical application of data science for environmental protection requires a hefty sum of financial input and resource usage, proving challenging for developing countries.

How Data is Changing Medicine

The result of a study which constitutes thousands of participants, are added to different software, depending on the type of tests that is being run.

Deepfakes Explosion— Impact Unraveled

We live in a post-truth era characterized by the digital information warfare.

The need for Quantum Technology in Pakistan

QIS technologies offer much more than just squeezing information into computers and increasing microchip speeds

Your Body-on-a-Chip−Part Three

Featuring The Cambridge Festival 2021.

Your Body-on-a-Chip−Part Two

Featuring The Cambridge Festival 2021.

Your Body-on-a-Chip−Part One

Featuring The Cambridge Festival 2021.

Five Emerging AI trends to look out for in 2021

If you are curious to know about AI's future in the post-pandemic times after all the restrictions will curb and business start capitalizing exponentially, then this article is for you!

This Intelligent Walking Stick Makes Life Much Easier For Visually Impaired Persons

Countless attempts have been made to help blind people in society, and today's technology has brought an absolute change in their lives.

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