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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Intel Scientist is updating Hawking’s Communicator With AI And GPT-2.

"The theme that cuts across all of the different research that I'm doing is how do you amplify human potential and reduce inequity in...

Brain Net Technology – An Attractive Digital Medium of Communication

Even after being the most efficient existing species in this world, our communication system is still not up to the mark. We face hurdles...

Google claims breakthrough research in Quantum Computing

Google claimed on Wednesday that it has successfully achieved "Quantum Supremacy," which allows new generations of computers to calculate on a speed that...

M Nadeem Siddique; setting benchmarks in Information Technology

Siddiqui, a renowned Pakistani Journalist, and researcher have presented some great ideas to encrypt the text message applications.

Cambridge Analytica: A historic scandal that shook the world

On November 7, 2016, when darkness was about to prevail in the US, even darker news shocked the whole world. CNN was projecting Donald...

OPINIONS: Artificial Intelligence Edition

Scientia's editorial team reached to public and asked a few questions about artificial intelligence following the theme of the edition.


The story of a lady who buys a robot and life becomes more complicated.


Elon Musk, the founder of Hyperloop technology, has gauged the significance of saving, allocating time in the right way with environment-friendly innovations

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in Cyber Crimes

Artificial intelligence and machine learning, these terms are interchangeably used. AI is an emerging field of science that involves machine coding to perform human...

Brain-Controlled Robotic Suit enables a Paralyzed Man to Walk

Technology is on its way with great speed to amaze and facilitate us every day. Now presenting the Brain-controlled robotic suit which enabled a...

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