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M Nadeem Siddique; setting benchmarks in Information Technology

Siddiqui, a renowned Pakistani Journalist, and researcher have presented some great ideas to encrypt the text message applications.

In this era of the digital world, where connectivity with the world is increasing with every single day provided by the internet, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and smart glasses, this comfort has come as a less rewarding profit. The current lot is paying its price by the trade of their privacy. We- humans, are risking our privacy in exchange for this convenience. The security of data is the primary concern of today, and if not dealt properly, it will eventually lead to severe threats such as National and global security.

Is Your Data Privacy Getting Compromised?

It is the need of the moment to decide whether we want to be the Master of Technology or the slaves. Researchers- while they are coming with new inventions every single day to ease human life in different aspects and changing the world into a global village, must consider the threats coming along and the solution to counter these threats. Encryption of streaming data is one of the most robust and applicable solutions to this merging problem of data breaching. End to End encryption of all communicating and streaming data will make the data transmission all safe and secure

 End to End Encryption of Data
End to End Encryption of Data

Mohammad Nadeem Siddiqui, a renowned Pakistani Journalist, and researcher have presented some great ideas to encrypt the text message applications. He invented a spectacular technology named NET ( Natural Encryption Technology), which secures the digital data using Intangible Time Medium.

Mr. M Nadeem Siddque
Mr. M Nadeem Siddque

Natural Encryption Technology

The Natural Encryption Technology (NET) uses time interval technique, based on the fact that time is a universal physical quantity accessible to everyone without any restrictions and laid the foundation of end to end encrypted text message applications. NET uses the medium of time, codes, and decodes signals with time via a sound beep or breaking signals. This technology makes the transmission data-free; in case a hacker tries to decode the signal, he won’t get anything other than the encrypted time interval because the signal does not contain data or information.

Information Security Black Holes

The NET provides the users with information black holes to protect the data from being stolen. No hacker can decrypt the signal; even if he succeeds to hack the signal, he won’t get any information as the signal is just a sound beep. Even the information superhighway and information tunnels are not able to secure the data altogether, the information security black hole idea is ideal for information security.

Intangible Time Medium

According to Einstein, Time is the fourth dimension in space, and both time and space are working together. Through the invention of NET, Nadeem Siddiqui has proved the importance of time by using it as an intangible medium in transferring data.

He presented the Law of Intangible Time Medium which states that “The Universe all living and non-living things existed, being creating will soon be destroyed when a divine encoded a message to be received by all things existed. The encoded divine message which is already released, transferred to all things via Intangible Time Medium”.

Muhammad Nadeem Siddiqui presented his ideas in four international conferences and three national and international competitions, where it was accepted and reviewed. Pakistan needs more enthusiasts like him to set a benchmark in the field of information technology.

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