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Social Distancing; United we Fall, Divided we Stand.

This social distancing was also among the key measures that were taken to fight the Spanish flu in 1918.

How MERs and SARs are related to Covid-19

The pandemic disease named Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) was originally identified in a city of China, "Wuhan," and it is responsible for causing...

OPINIONS: Fearful of COVID19? “NO”

As per available statistics, the current coronavirus disease, COVID19, has been called a once-in-a-century pandemic. But it may also be a once-in-a-century evidence fiasco....

An Outclass conversation with Dr. Younas Khan on COVID19

We cannot make a whole virus as that would mean synthesizing and arranging the 30 to 40 000 nucleotides that its genome is comprised of, which is not possible.

Your ultimate guide to COVID-19

The one word we have been continuously hearing this year is none other than the deadly coronavirus or Covid-19. It has managed to become one of...

Novel Myths around COVID-19

A key challenge in responding to significant disease outbreaks, especially of previously undocumented strains, is the lack of understanding of the disease and public knowledge.

Ventilators; the real game-changer in Coronavirus outbreak

“Follow the government’s instructions & take the necessary precautions to avoid catching COVID-19.” These are the words of Yahya Jeffery, the first Pakistani to be...

All we need is Empathy during the pandemic days

We are hopeful of keeping up these efforts to help create more guidelines and translate important research work~ Hassnain Qasim

The technocrat strategies of Pakistani media in pandemic days

The institutions like CEJ, IBA, Karachi University, NUST, LUMS, and COMSATS, should kick-start science communication courses, and these courses should mandatory for web editors.

Viruses are a critical driver of human evolution

The constant battle between pandemic and humanity has long been recognized as a critical driver of social, moral, economic, and geographical changes that lead to human evolution.

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