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UK based Pakistani scientist’s vaccine lands WHO landscape

The Covid-19 crisis has put life on hold. It is speculated that the disease will keep spreading and we will have a hard time...

A conversation with Dr. Michael Gale, Jr. on coronavirus vaccine development

Unfortunately, the mass-production and shipment of an effective vaccine of COVID-19 could take 18 months or two years before we starting to see a benefit. ~Dr. Micheal Gale, Director CIIID, U.S.

How the pandemic alters the lives of Doctors & Health workers

With the mindset that this is the time the nation needs us, and it makes us strong enough to put our lives at risk to save others. `Dr. Zahra Jaan

International Relations in the wake of COVID-19 crisis

Dr. Afsah Qazi is serving as the Assistant Professor at the Department of IR, National Defense University, Islamabad.

On the Sensitivity and need to continue research in space and other Sciences after the Pandemic

Dr. Nozair Khawaja is a Pakistan-based German planetary scientist associates with ESA & Free University Berlin.

A Psychiatrist’s consent on the Mental Toll of Lockdown and Quarantine

Avoiding bad practices and adopting healthier hobbies can blunt mental health harm during self-isolation. ~ Dr. Asad Hussain

Prof Dr. Sabieh Anwar on Molding the challenges of Online Education into Opportunities

The current crisis has gripped every possible area of human life. All spheres of life have not just been significantly touched but will be...

Mild Covid-19 has been found to cause strokes in young and middle-aged individuals

Recent reports suggest that people of young age have been battling strokes caused by a mild form of the Covid-19. Data from hospitals in...

A Talk with Dr. Mohsin Khurshid on Polio eradication in Pakistan

The low immunization coverage and several socioeconomic factors, such as poverty, illiteracy, and lack of access to immunization and community health services, contribute much towards polio campaign failure.

A Teacher’s take on getting the most out of online classes

A teachers’ experience is something that will help to imagine that he is in touch with the students or not. ~Dr Mustafa

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