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Mild Covid-19 has been found to cause strokes in young and middle-aged individuals

Recent reports suggest that people of young age have been battling strokes caused by a mild form of the Covid-19. Data from hospitals in the New York state have shown that people of young and middle age groups suffered from fatal strokes that were seemingly caused by the novel coronavirus. Stroke is a medical condition in which blood supply is interrupted and the less amount of blood flow to vital organs causes cells to die. Extreme strokes can be fatal. Smaller ones are mostly benign and can resolve by themselves within a day.

The total amount of those who have had fatal attacks is relatively low, but they are surprising in that they show a new way this dangerous malady is affecting and targeting people. Researchers are still working on developing a vaccine and are continuously shocked by its shenanigans that are hindering the treatment and drug development process.

The virus was initially found to be the attacker of respiratory organs, but this new data points that it is striking almost all the major organ systems in the human body. A report from Wuhan illustrated that some patients suffered strokes. Now some U.S. medical centers are about to release their reports on this medical phenomenon. It can be beneficial in understanding its mechanisms and action and can aid in research. The data suggest that the patients of Covid-19 suffer the extreme form of strokes called large vessel occlusions (LVOs), which affect the nervous system or, more specifically, the brain.

The obstruction of blood flow in the vessels can also move from one to other parts of the body like the heart and the brain. According to a critical care doctor at John Hopkins Hospital Robert Stevens, the stokes are “one of the most dramatic manifestations” of the blood supply blockage issues. He said that “We’ve also taken care of patients in their 30s with stroke and Covid, and this was extremely surprising.”

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Some doctors are concerned that the real number of such cases will never be known as the New York City Fire Department had reportedly picked up four times as many people who died at home as normal when the infection was at its peak, and some of those may have had sudden fatal strokes

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