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Rising IoT Market and Impact of COVID-19

Internet of Things or for Short IOT is the profession of smart objects including cars, home appliances and devices which connects physical world to...

Five Emerging AI trends to look out for in 2021

If you are curious to know about AI's future in the post-pandemic times after all the restrictions will curb and business start capitalizing exponentially, then this article is for you!

How Pakistan’s scientific community fights the pandemic

COVID-19 has become a question of survival for not only people but industries, education systems, tourism, businesses, and even economies of countries. Healthcare systems...

BRSP’s Contribution and Intervention in the Health Sector of Balochistan

Baluchistan, is facing a dismal situation in the health sector due to government negligence, failure, and mismanagement.

How Baluchistan is combating with the pandemic

Since March 2020, Baluchistan Rural Support organization carried its assessment and emergency response activities at 27 districts.

Dr. Michael Gale, Jr. on coronavirus vaccine development (Video)

Scientia Pakistan Magazine interviewed Dr. Michael Gale, Jr., Ph.D. Director of the Centre for Innate Immunity and Immune Disease (C.I.I.I.D.), in the U.S. The C.I.I.I.D....

A Student’s life in Wuhan under lockdown

Ayesha Khan is a Pakistan originated student at Wuhan University pursuing her M.S in economics.


NASA is hosting a special edition NASA APPS COVID-19 CHALLENGE on May 30-31, 2020.

How to protect the elderly from COVID-19

Social isolation in seniors has been linked to increased depression and suicidality, increased pro-inflammatory and decreased anti-viral immune responses. ~Dr. Ali Javed

How Covid-19 is impacting air travel with Captain Jahanzeb

Coronavirus pandemic is a humanitarian crisis and there are drastic restrictions designed to minimize the spread of the virus. They may vary from continent...

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