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Fawwad Raza

Fawwad Raza is a Digital Journalist and working as a member Editorial team in ARY News. He is History graduate from University of Karachi, blogger and a passionate traveler. He also conducts various training sessions of digital Journalism for students and working journalists.

Modern Agriculture Techniques in the Desert of THAR

Dua Foundation is an NGO with small-man-power, struggling to regain the fertility of Thar Desert, once it was known for.

Unraveling the Mystery of Persian Princess– a Murder Victim

Fiber identification proved that the fabrics of the mummy wraps were also modern. Items applied to these strips, such as honey, were also fresh.

Dr. Michael Gale, Jr. on coronavirus vaccine development (Video)

Scientia Pakistan Magazine interviewed Dr. Michael Gale, Jr., Ph.D. Director of the Centre for Innate Immunity and Immune Disease (C.I.I.I.D.), in the U.S. The C.I.I.I.D....

A conversation with Dr. Michael Gale, Jr. on coronavirus vaccine development

Unfortunately, the mass-production and shipment of an effective vaccine of COVID-19 could take 18 months or two years before we starting to see a benefit. ~Dr. Micheal Gale, Director CIIID, U.S.

The technocrat strategies of Pakistani media in pandemic days

The institutions like CEJ, IBA, Karachi University, NUST, LUMS, and COMSATS, should kick-start science communication courses, and these courses should mandatory for web editors.

Last call to save Mother Earth

Planet Earth is facing disastrous impacts of climate changes from the beginning of the 21st century, United Nation is taking several steps to control...

Six modern day hacks for science writers

The success and failure are parts of life, none of them are final. It is the courage, determination, and persistence that count

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