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Does Life Exist Beyond Our Solar System?

"Complex life is probably extremely rare, and life making mega-structures or traveling between the stars is even rarer still." ~Damer

Problems involving interstellar communication

It would take centuries for establishing the first contact, as far as the math is concerned.

Geology and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence

Scientists believe that before 4 billion years ago, the earth's surface has melted in the final stage of its creation.

Probing into the Atmospheres of Exoplanets with Dr. Munazza K. Alam

With Hubble, we were observing at optical wavelengths and with JWST we have access to the infrared. We also have higher resolution, higher precision, and higher telescope stability. So the data quality is much better than before! 

Fermi Paradox— A scary realization

The Fermi Paradox gives us the most reasonable and sound theories regarding the existence of Alien life.

Finding extraterrestrial life: Are we ready enough?

Since the advent of our collective consciousness, we have been quenching our curiosities through explorations of our surroundings.

SENTIENCE in the Cosmos: Possibilities and Implications

Scientists and organizations should keep open minds and preserve the niche of abstract ideas and possibilities. 

Venus: a planet in our Solar system pretty much ignored

Venus is a terrestrial planet, which means it is composed of silicate rocks and metals, this makes it similar to Earth.

Exploring Drake’s Equation: The Possibility of Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Astronomers and Stargazers who are fervent about the deep space and the universe have always been haunted and left-curious with this question, that, “Are...

The arguably mysterious Wow! signal

On 15 August 1977, astronomers at the Ohio state university were studying the location of a signal in the constellation Sagittarius, as part of...

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