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A look at the case of Thalassemia in Pakistan

The blood disorder of thalassemia occurs around the world and some of its sub-types are extremely lethal.

Role of genetics in infectious disease spread

The genetic makeup of a person or population can play a vital role in determining susceptibility to contagious diseases.

Genetics in the Spotlight: Perspectives from a Scientist and Communicator Dr. Alex Dainis

It doesn’t serve the public, it doesn’t serve the science.~ Dr Alex

Role of genetics in infectious diseases spread, genetical evolution

Host and pathogen genetic variations play a crucial role in spreading infectious diseases.

What You Eat Matters: Nutrition and Infectious Diseases

Nutritionally compromised individuals may suffer from anorexia, decreased intestinal absorption & metabolic rate.

Is genetic engineering the holy grail to cure infectious diseases?

Employing genetic engineering for the treatment of infectious diseases means introducing specific genes that discretely inhibit or block the functions of target genes.

Painful, and potentially disfiguring, cutaneous leishmaniasis is a growing threat in Pakistan

Doctors say climate change, urbanisation and migration patterns, as well as inadequate sanitation, are driving the spread of the sandfly-borne parasitic skin ailment.

Chronic diseases: An interplay of infections and our genome

Chronic and especially cardiometabolic diseases are the culmination of multiple risk factors ranging from genetic predispositions and sedentary lifestyles to stress.

Your Body-on-a-Chip−Part Three

Featuring The Cambridge Festival 2021.

Your Body-on-a-Chip−Part Two

Featuring The Cambridge Festival 2021.

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