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Breaking the Odds in Field Epidemiology in Pakistan

“My journey as an epidemiologist involved in frontline response and emergency preparedness is a testament to my training, areas of expertise, and commitment to public health and saving lives.” ~ Dr Nadia Jamil Qureshi

The Germ Files: Seven Books about Diseases Outbreaks to Add to Your TBR

Seven books that will introduce you to the colourful world of outbreaks, infections and killer pathogens.

Role of genetics in infectious disease spread

The genetic makeup of a person or population can play a vital role in determining susceptibility to contagious diseases.

Genetics in the Spotlight: Perspectives from a Scientist and Communicator Dr. Alex Dainis

It doesn’t serve the public, it doesn’t serve the science.~ Dr Alex

Contagion: A fictional version of a real-time pandemic

MEV has the mortality rate of between 20-30%, and by the end of the movie, it ends up killing twenty-six million people worldwide.

Role of genetics in infectious diseases spread, genetical evolution

Host and pathogen genetic variations play a crucial role in spreading infectious diseases.

What You Eat Matters: Nutrition and Infectious Diseases

Nutritionally compromised individuals may suffer from anorexia, decreased intestinal absorption & metabolic rate.

The consequences of long-COVID and post-COVID

Ever since the emergence of COVID-19, it has caused the ripples of research in biomedical sciences, pathology, virology, genetics, pharmacology and drug designing.

Is genetic engineering the holy grail to cure infectious diseases?

Employing genetic engineering for the treatment of infectious diseases means introducing specific genes that discretely inhibit or block the functions of target genes.

Painful, and potentially disfiguring, cutaneous leishmaniasis is a growing threat in Pakistan

Doctors say climate change, urbanisation and migration patterns, as well as inadequate sanitation, are driving the spread of the sandfly-borne parasitic skin ailment.

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