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Space Migration: Anthropology and Future of Humanization of Space

Space migration has long been considered a viable solution to address environmental problems on Earth.

Can we end the Moon sighting controversy in Pakistan?

From the current scientific point of view, it was nearly impossible to see the crescent from any part of Pakistan through binoculars on May 12.

Humanity’s Most Significant Scientific Collaboration For Apollo 11

Humanity’s most significant collaborative achievement started with, then Director of the Parkes Observatory, John Bolton, who did an official one-line contract with NASA: “The...

The feasts being offered by the Fall skies

For the folks longing for some stargazing events, here is a compilation of everything coming up in the skies of the fall season. It...

Future of Space Science: What’s Next?

When you look up at the skies, you may have asked yourself a question. What lies beyond these skies? The question followed by many...

Astronomy events to watch out for in August

Mark your calendars, because the month of august has some amazing astronomy events in store for you. Get your telescopes and cameras ready and...

Ministry of Science made moon-sighting way more controversial

The pseudo-science is being misunderstood by the actual science in our society, and the majority of intellectuals believe in it.

Be bewitched with these incredible Solar Eclipse photos

A partial solar eclipse was observed in South Asia and Africa on 21st June 2020. In some areas, the ring of fire was also...

Behold the Pink Supermoon!

In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, we were luckily blessed with a beautiful pink supermoon which is the third of the four supermoons...

Astronomy Events in April 2020

This April is going to be a great month for astronomy lovers as many amazing events will occur on the skies. Here is a...

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