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March’s supermoon dazzles in the sky

March 2020 has some great astronomical events according to the yearly calendar. The most recent one was the bright supermoon that appeared across different...

The Wolf Moon of The New Decade

2020 brought with it the first Wolf Moon of the decade. The full moon was apparent in the sky in a penumbral lunar eclipse,...

2020 brings exciting astronomy events

2020 has started and brought many exciting events for astronomy lovers who long to gaze up at the skies and witness the celestial...

The Last Cold Moon of The Decade

The last full moon of the decade occurred yesterday. It's called the full "cold moon". The Moon appeared full all night, first sighted...

Vikram lander debris spotted by NASA

NASA says that it has located the debris site of the Vikram lander which had crashed on the lunar surface in an attempt, by...

Looking at Last Week’s Planetary Conjunction With The Moon

Last week, on 28th November, the sky blessed us with beautiful conjunction of Venus and Jupiter with the crescent moon. Did you miss it...

Namira Salim, Virgin Galactic Founder Astronaut, Launches into the Music World

(Los Angeles, CA – October 24, 2019)  -- Future astronaut, space diplomat, pioneering polar explorer and artist, Monaco based, Namira Salim, will be releasing...

Hunter’s Moon – The ultimate celestial event in October

"Hunter's moon" has been a favorite topic among stargazers and astronomers. This term is used for a full moon that rises in the skies...

The immortal “Tardigrades”

Tardigrades can survive conditions that would be deadly to any other form of life

A Rare full moon will light up Tonight

There will be a full moon tonight, the next one is not for around 30 years.

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