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Night sky

The Revamped ‘Pillars of Creation’

Since 1995, the beautiful image, "Pillars of Creation", courtesy of the Hubble Space Telescope, has mesmerized many throughout the years. Not only has it...

March’s supermoon dazzles in the sky

March 2020 has some great astronomical events according to the yearly calendar. The most recent one was the bright supermoon that appeared across different...

Northern Lights photos that have won awards will also win your hearts

Northern lights are indeed a beautiful phenomenon to be marveled at. Those who love nature and the skies yearn to observe it and secure...

Hunter’s Moon – The ultimate celestial event in October

"Hunter's moon" has been a favorite topic among stargazers and astronomers. This term is used for a full moon that rises in the skies...

Steve – A new wonder in the night skies

An optical marvel discovered by amateur astronomers

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