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science journalism

Scientia Pakistan serves as a Community Partner of SJF23

SJF23 is focusing on the theme "Seeking Best Practices."

Environment Conservation Journalism Award Nepal goes to Scientia’s contributor Gobinda

KATHMANDU: Gobinda Prasad Pokharel, One of the emerging science journalists from Nepal and Scientia Paistan's active contributor, has been awarded the 'Environment Conservation Journalism...

Genetics in the Spotlight: Perspectives from a Scientist and Communicator Dr. Alex Dainis

It doesn’t serve the public, it doesn’t serve the science.~ Dr Alex

Science Journalism needs voices from South Asia- Siri Carpenter

Dr. Siri Carpenter is Editor-in-Chief of the Open Notebook and the former president of the National Association of Science Writers (NASW).

Problems involving open access scientific publications and how to fix them

A panel discussion was held at the Berlin Science Week 2020 on "Why no one is reading your open access publication and how to fix it."

Ministry of Science made moon-sighting way more controversial

The pseudo-science is being misunderstood by the actual science in our society, and the majority of intellectuals believe in it.

Mystery object observed in a collision with a black hole by LIGO and Virgo

A new discovery of collision between a black hole and a mystery object has recently been made. The object in question is speculated to...

COVID19 makes the benefits of Telework obvious~Issam

Issam Ahmad is a Health, science, and environment reporter for Agency France Press.

Gazing at the stars and beyond with Dr. Salman Hameed

The idea that species have changed over the past 4.5 billion years of our planet is a fact of science, and natural selection is the accepted mechanism for this change.

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