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Monday, February 26, 2024
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Scientia Pakistan serves as a Community Partner of SJF23

SJF23 is focusing on the theme "Seeking Best Practices."

“Picture a Scientist” Unveils the Struggles and Triumphs of Women in STEM

The documentary "Picture a Scientist" stands out as a potent and moving depiction of the difficulties experienced by women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and...

Science for Society

In the modern era, science has become deeply interwoven with society and played a massive part in making our lives better and safer.

The Scientific advancements in Islamic golden age

It was an era of incredible scientific, social, cultural, philosophical, and economic buoyancy in the history of Islam.

Scientia Professor Haris Aziz honored as the national field leader in Game Theory and Decision Science

His research is at the intersection of computer science and game theory that has applications to multi-agent systems and the design of incentives in markets. 

A conversation with Dr. Muniapann about the biological invasion and pest management practices in Nepal

"My approach is to utilize local parasitoids, or natural enemies to supress a pest."

Mubashir Rehmani includes in Top 1 Percent of Researchers Worldwide

To young researchers in PakistaN I'd suggest that should always follow the right path, do not look for shortcuts, and never ever compromise on ethical principles.

Pakistan’s Dr. Afzal shortlists for Nature Research Awards 2021 for Driving Global Impact


Dr. Abro speaks on the role of Cyberspace in the National Security

"A paradigm shift in warfare is that cyber warfare is now an everlasting activity that would only intensify in times to come."

Talking Data in Healthcare and Opportunities for Women with Dr. Bushra Anjum

The healthcare industry is one of the most striking beneficiaries of data sciences. In post-Covid world medical diagnostics, medical treatment is becoming more efficient...

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