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space exploration

The Historic Mission of India to the Moon ended up?

Indian space agency ISRO lost its lunar moment, earlier today when the ground communications with the Vikram lander were lost just 2.1 km above...

Chandrayaan 2: A Historic Attempt of India for Lunar Landing

At the advent of our NewSpace Age or commercialization of Space, the final frontier has become the new frontier for peace and diplomacy on Earth. “I...


Our solar system is one of over 500 known solar system in the entire Milky Way galaxy. According to available data, it is came...

Viking: NASA’S Mars exploration program

Mankind is driven by the intellectual curiosity and quest to find the answers to the questions which have been itching them since antiquity. Some...

NASA investigating the first allegation of space crime

Crime in space? Weren’t crimes like theft and robbery enough on a single planet of the universe? No, siree. Humans have a very nasty quality of...

Extraterrestrial life: A conversation with Dr. Bruce Damer

Bruce Frederick Damer, Ph.D. (brought into the world 31 January 1962) is a Canadian-American multidisciplinary researcher, creator, and creator. Dr. Bruce Damer works together...

Some traces of iron-60 over beyond Solar system found in Antarctic-snow

In recent years, scientists have discovered that traces of Iron have speckled down on the certain regions of Antarctica from the outside of the...

Instruments on Mars 2020 Rover designed to search for life

Scientists have always been busy trying to find life on different planets

For long haul into interstellar space, NASA shuts off systems on Voyager-2

This artist’s concept depicts one of NAS’s voyager spacecraft, including the location of the cosmic ray subsystem (CRS) instrument. Both voyagers launched with operating...

The Space Race or War of Words

The current situation between India & Pakistan is quite identical to that of a cold space war between USA and USSR.

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