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Waniya Khursheed

Waniya Khursheed is a student of Space science at Karachi University, She is working as Event Manager at RaheQamar. She is working to promote space sciences in Pakistan. She hopes that one day Pakistan will play an active part in the Global Space industry.

The truth behind ‘Gas Giants’

Have you ever noticed our solar system with the beautiful distribution of different kinds of planets placed at different distances? If we travel from our...

Everything you need to know about Remote Sensing

The collection of data from a distance by means of satellite or aircraft called remote sensing. Let's dive into this exciting process and see...

Pakistan’s first private company in space

The Rocket & Satellite Company Limited has been registered in the past week as Pakistan’s first private space company by SECP (The Security and...

A Big Asteroid will zip safely by Earth Wednesday

NASA issued a statement that on April 29, 2020, Asteroid 52768 is expected to fly by earth at a distance of approximately 4 million miles.

Know the Challenges in NASA SPACE APPS 2019! – Part Two

As we started to detail NASA’s Space Apps challenges for this year in our previous article (Part One), let’s continue to explore the other...

Know the Challenges in NASA SPACE APPS 2019! – Part One

NASA’s Space Apps challenge 2019 has an interesting and exciting list of challenges for its participants! Here are some details on these challenges that...


NASA is hosting the biggest global hackathon of the year, NASA Space App Challenge 2019.

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