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Monday, May 27, 2024
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Beyond Pulsars: Jocelyn Bell’s Journey of Discovery and Empowerment

"Always look for anomalies. No wonder what lies in there!"

“Picture a Scientist” Unveils the Struggles and Triumphs of Women in STEM

The documentary "Picture a Scientist" stands out as a potent and moving depiction of the difficulties experienced by women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and...

The STEM Gap— Contribution of Women in Science and Technology in Pakistan

The participation of women in STEM fields is not just about achieving equality, but about unlocking the door to limitless innovation and progress. 

The Future of AI on Education

Education planners and teachers are concerned about how AI will lead to betterment in learning.

Successful cure for HIV with Stem Cell Transplantation

Stem cell transplantation is considered the most promising treatment for HIV.

Promoting Science and Innovation through “Edutainment”

The intention is to function as an inclusive science hub by offering "edutainment," igniting an interest in science, and empowering people to understand scientific principles and think better.

Achievement unlocked: Saadeqa Khan, CEO of Scientia Pakistan, selected as a finalist for 2021 FDM everywoman in Technology Awards

Scientia Pakistan's CEO, Ms. Saadeqa Khan, is among the finalists for the 2021 FDM everywoman in Technology Awards. She is a science journalist based...

NASA reaches out to Pakistani school kids’ questions about space exploration

After questions from Pakistani school kids created a buzz on social media, prompting responses from astronauts, the space agency NASA and its STEM engagement...

Breakthrough cures of Stem Cells therapy in Humans

Stem cells are basically undifferentiated cells that mean they're capable of developing into cells that perform various functions in different parts of the body....

Inspiring minds; Muslim Scientists of the modern era

Muslim scientists and inventors have been contributing to the field of Science up to a great extent. Muslims were the pioneers of inventions and...

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