NASA reaches out to Pakistani school kids’ questions about space exploration

After questions from Pakistani school kids created a buzz on social media, prompting responses from astronauts, the space agency NASA and its STEM engagement circuit also answered their questions.

These questions came from students at Cornerstones school in Karachi, where the teacher posted the queries from the young space enthusiasts on Twitter. She tagged the agency and requested to share it so that everyone else can see and respond. Luckily, a very positive response was generated and soon answers started pouring in from professional astronauts and the space agencies.

In the post, we get a glimpse of the questions that ranged from inquires about the fuel used in a spaceship and whether it rains diamonds on Jupiter or not.

The teacher, Ms. Aimun, says that the kids were over the moon after hearing back from their heroes and couldn’t contain their excitement and surprise. It was definitely an encouraging and happy moment that will hopefully keep them motivated. She said that the students read about the advancements and in the field of space exploration in their course books and were inspired by their achievements.

Here’s a compilation of the recent responses received on the Twitter post of Ms. Aimun.

Space sciences are definitely very interesting and there is a dire need for encouraging interests amongst the youth regarding this field. In Pakistan unfortunately, not much interest is laid on it. The conventional educational system rarely encourages to think out of the box. Making science fun and exciting should be the teacher’s priority so that we can have young energetic blood aiming for the skies. We wish these kids the best and hope that they will continue their quest for learning.

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