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Monthly Archives: February, 2020

Northern Lights photos that have won awards will also win your hearts

Northern lights are indeed a beautiful phenomenon to be marveled at. Those who love nature and the skies yearn to observe it and secure...

Is Social Media hitting mental health hard?

Social media has become such a large and engaging facility, and we cannot just say that it is only good or only bad for us.

Child abuse and mental health; the road towards a healthier childhood

Another year started, all through the long nights of respite I stared in the pale light of the fading day and dark skies, wandering...

A talk with Dr. Ali Jawaid on Dementia & early life Trauma development

I survived a neurological illness as a child and in fact was given an experimental treatment at that time; the pursuit for Neuroscience leads me to choose medical studies- Dr. Ali Jawaid

Katherine Johnson dies, a mathematician who broke barriers at NASA

Wielding little more than a pencil, a slide rule and one of the finest mathematical minds in the U.S, Katherine Johnson, died at 101...

Busting Myths about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Mental disorders are one of the most misunderstood and ill-perceived human diseases & the most misconstrue among all is OCD.

Gallery: Visit to the Pakistan Museum of Natural History

Pakistan Museum of Natural History is located in Islamabad and was established in 1976 as a public tourist spot. As this month is all...

Identification of soybean dust as an epidemic asthma agent in Kemari

The situation is getting worst in Karachi’s Kemari where a mysterious gas leakage caused panic and source of this toxic gas leak is still unclear on...


I know our everyday camera roll is littered with memes, food pictures, selfies, and the sort. Take a break from all these typical photo...

How Climate Change is Endangering the Iconic Wildlife Species

Is Climate emergency -2019 word of the year- necessary for the survival of humans only or is it a dire need of the whole...

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