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Failing by Design; Pakistan’s Healthcare System

The government's poor policies in healthcare resulted in the scarcity of choices regarding effective diagnostic and medical services

Health Service Delivery; How it Works in Pakistan

Often heralded as the messiahs for those most in need, doctors in Pakistan have held a reverence few could claim. The profession itself has...

The comparative reliability of diagnostic tools and laboratory testing in PAKISTAN

Statistics showed that in Punjab alone, there are more than 4000 labs with less than 400 qualified pathologists or experienced lab technologists.

Desert Locust– A Havoc to Agriculture

Locusts grow exponentially in two cyclones hit in 2018, enabled three generations of wildly successful locusts breeding in the period of nine months only.

Astrophotography Contest; We Share the same Sky

Astronomy is the oldest science we know. The sun, the moon, and the stars have been the fulcrum of our scientific stretch. We have...

Bighorn fire near Mount Lemmon becomes number 7 largest wildfire

On June 5 near Pusch Ridge in the Catalina Mountains north of Tucson, a lightning-sparked the bighorn fore that has resulted in evacuations and...

Mystery object observed in a collision with a black hole by LIGO and Virgo

A new discovery of collision between a black hole and a mystery object has recently been made. The object in question is speculated to...

How Baluchistan is combating with the pandemic

Since March 2020, Baluchistan Rural Support organization carried its assessment and emergency response activities at 27 districts.

Widespread, Previously Unknown Structure Discovered near Earth’s core

Earthquakes and the earth's internal dynamics have long been the focus of geologists and researchers. Although humankind has achieved thousands of technological milestones, we...

Be bewitched with these incredible Solar Eclipse photos

A partial solar eclipse was observed in South Asia and Africa on 21st June 2020. In some areas, the ring of fire was also...

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