Epic Storm electrifying photo

Electrifying photos

Stunning Electrifying Photos captured during epic storms

Everyone is in love with the moments when winds start blowing fast and the temperature drops just before the rain. These moments in a hot summer remind us that more often changes happen in our life when we least expect them.

When in a few moments or so the sky starts roaring with shrieks of lightning, and a thunderstorm began to stir. These epic storms and tornadoes are very common during the hot summer, especially in North and Middle America often referred to as tornado season. These epic storms usually strike in the evening or midnight and cause destruction but they can be beautiful when caught by the camera in the right moments. Take a look of stunning photos of some of the rare epic storms captured in recent summer around the globe.

 electrifying photo
Photo credit: National geographic
Epic Storm, electrifying photo
Photo credit: National geographic
Epic Storm
Photo credit: National geographic
An electrifying photo
Photo Credit: Douglas Taylor
A hot summer electrifying photo
Photo Credit: Pinterest

An electrifying image caught by the camera during the rare phenomenon of the Cloud burst.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Nature photographer Jeremy Holmes captured this beautiful image during a tornado usually hit American states in the evening.

An Epic Storm  photo
Photo credit: Jeremy Holmes

A stunning photo captured during some of the rare epic storms in a volcanic region.

A Volcanic thunderstorm
A Volcanic thunderstorm
Photo Credit: Pinterest
A severe electrifying photo
Photo credit: Pinterest

A stunning photo captured in a midnight epic storm in Middle America.

An electrifying photo captured on beach
Photo credit: Pinterest
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