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Monday, May 27, 2024
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Probing into the Atmospheres of Exoplanets with Dr. Munazza K. Alam

With Hubble, we were observing at optical wavelengths and with JWST we have access to the infrared. We also have higher resolution, higher precision, and higher telescope stability. So the data quality is much better than before! 

Fermi Paradox— A scary realization

The Fermi Paradox gives us the most reasonable and sound theories regarding the existence of Alien life.

Detecting alien life in the solar system— A talk with Dr Nozair Khawaja

There are billions of stars and galaxies, thus expanding the potential to search for life.

NASA’s research program on UFOs

NASA has undertaken an initiative to study the Unidentified Ariel Phenomenon (UAPs) from a scientific perspective.

Finding extraterrestrial life: Are we ready enough?

Since the advent of our collective consciousness, we have been quenching our curiosities through explorations of our surroundings.

SENTIENCE in the Cosmos: Possibilities and Implications

Scientists and organizations should keep open minds and preserve the niche of abstract ideas and possibilities. 

Book Review; Islam, Sci-Fic & Extraterrestrial Life by Jörg Matthias Determann

Determann encompasses different concepts of the alien in Muslim societies across the globe, from South Asia to Turkey and Arabia to Africa.

The Encounter

Story of how a teenage girl meets Aliens from Kroutonville.

SETI – Search For Extraterrestrial Cognoscentibus

SETI is usually considered as one of the most high-risk endeavors in all of science and it could lead to one of the greatest discoveries of mankind.

Super-Earths: The habitable Planets of Gliese 581 Planetary System

Habitable Planets of Gliese 581 Planetary System. The Super-Earth and the Possibility of Alien Life

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