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The Anthropologist- A fresh take on Cultural changes due to environmental degradation

"The Anthropologist," a critically acclaimed documentary that offers a fresh viewpoint on the subject narrated by two female anthropologists. Released in June 2016, the...

An open Anthropological discourse with Dr. Abid Chaudhry

We must redefine our academic culture to be less complicated and connect anthropology and other social sciences relevant to people.

Whispers of Salt Range: Geotourism in Pakistan

The information on the geology of Pakistan is not scarce, but it is somewhat trapped in scholarly journals and the geology departments of academic institutions.

In Today’s world, Anthropology is more important than ever

With the help of new concepts and methods, anthropologists have learned about ancient civilizations' social and cultural aspects.

Evolution of Languages in South Asia

South Asia is one of world's most diverse territories and the languages spoken here are also unique in their features.

Story of Human Evolution- From Apes to Man

The story of human evolution is based on Darwin's theory of evolution and spans millions of years.

RNA World: A Plot Twist in the Story of Origin of Life

There are chances that life originated from a single strand of RNA molecule, that later gave rise to two bases.

Anthropology turns to Progressive Politics in Pakistan

This article provokes methodological primacy within the anthropology of Pakistan that holds the promise to recognize progressive politics.

How Anthropology helps define terms Growth and Differences

The study of human variation focuses on how and why contemporary human populations differ in biological and physical characteristics.

Space Migration: Anthropology and Future of Humanization of Space

Space migration has long been considered a viable solution to address environmental problems on Earth.

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