The age-related memory loss in elderly persons

The research can help breakthrough in age-related memory loss problems.

Recent research shows that stimulating parts of the brain can help in solving the problem of age-related memory loss in elderly persons. The research carried out by a team of scientists at Boston University.

In this resaerch, a series of tasks were assigned to perform to several groups of young and elders.  The youngsters, as expected, did better than the elder subjects of the study. Later on in another experiment, the participants’ heads were covered with a cap fitted with electrodes to stimulate specific parts of the brain.  The temporal and prefrontal cortex of the participants were stimulated for 25 minutes so that the brain waves of each participant brought into sync.

However, when the groups asked to perform the same memory-related tasks their performance slightly improved as compared to those participants who did not subject to the stimulation. Surprisingly, the elderly subject also performed better– as good as 20-year- olds.

The research published in the Nature Neuroscience journal that seems highly effective as it can help breakthrough in age-related memory loss problems and give a hope that there might be a way to solve.

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