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Syeda Laiba Tayyab

Laiba is a Biochemist (MS) from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. Being a movie enthusiast, she's been reviewing science-related movies and documentaries. She has been a part of our team since the founding days of Scientia.

Documentary Review: “Before the Flood”

The documentary covers essential aspects of global warming and climate change worldwide.

Movie Review: V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta was directed by James McTeigue, written by Wachowski, and came out in the year 2006. The film stars Natalie Portman as...

Movie Review: The Imitation Game – Story of a Pioneering Genius

The Imitation Game is a story of a lonely genius who single-handedly did a very important piece in the cog that was the wheel...

How the Fukushima catastrophe unfolded

Natural catastrophes occur and cause damage on a massive scale, but when this is linked with another disaster that is usually man-made, then the situation turns into uncontrollable havoc.

Review: ‘Brave Blue World’ will steer you away from feeling blue

Water, a basic necessity of life, is not available for everyone. It is the sad truth we face today in the 21st century. About...

Movie Review: Everest – an epic battle for survival

Everest movie is based on a true story. It revolves around a group of mountaineers trying to reach the top of the famous peak...

Review: Better Brain Health – We Are What We Eat

Nowadays, we are constantly bombarded with facts such as how chocolate can be used as a stress reliever, is organic food better than processed,...

Review: Archeology – exploring the past with modern technology

Archeologists strive to extract the historical treasures and make sense of their use in the past. The Earth is full of artifacts, utensils, tools,...

Movie Review: Ad Astra takes along an intimate journey

Over the years, many sci-fi thrillers have tried to add human elements in generic stories, but they usually end up provoking emptiness and are...

‘Sicko’ shows the lows of the American healthcare system

Health insurance - genuine or fraud? Is it worth to trust these companies when in need? This review revolves around the medical insurance system...

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