Bighorn fire

Bighorn fire near Mount Lemmon becomes number 7 largest wildfire

On June 5 near Pusch Ridge in the Catalina Mountains north of Tucson, a lightning-sparked the bighorn fore that has resulted in evacuations and hundreds of wildfire fighters are fighting with. The fire erupts in Tucson close to overtaking the No. 7 spot Thursday for the largest wildfire in Arizona history and has claimed 118,710 acres in the Catalina Mountains and is 58% contained.

Mount Lemmon brightened after fire sparked, evacuations are under way
Mount Lemmon brightened after fire sparked, evacuations are under way

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA has released some satellite images of Bighorn fire that show the Devastation from the #BighornFire burning north of Tucson, Arizona as seen from space by the ASTER instrument on the Terra @NASAEarth satellite. The blaze spans more than 114,000 acres and is at 45% containment:

Satellite image of the area covered bighorn fire

The fire burning on the Northside of Santa Catalina Mountains near Tucson this afternoon at about 4:30 pm. Mt Lemmon Fire station in the foreground is about 1/2 mile from the middle of the village of Summerhaven, which burned earlier in 2003.

Bighorn Fire
A shot from my backyard near Grant and Swan. It’s got a lot of people’s attention in Tucson tonight.
Bighorn fire
The residents of Arizona are praying for the intermittent Rains

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