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Traditional Healthcare Systems; A blessing or curse

Traditional medicine refers to health practices, approaches, knowledge and beliefs incorporating plant and mineral-based medicines, spiritual therapies, manual techniques and exercises.


Starting with one piece of the body then onto the next, cancer cells spread disease.

Cancer Antioxidants

Antioxidants, if part of one's diet, can help to prevent cancer to an extent. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

Mapping a treatment plan; Doctors recommend a Second Opinion

Life would not remain the same after a cancer diagnosis, it gets a twist, and everyone bound to have lots of questions about the...

CRISPR – A potential combatant against cancer

CRISPR is the most advanced technique used for various cancer treatments.

Can cancer be tricked?

Cancer is the biggest enigma of all time. From the deadliest disease with no cure to harsh chemotherapies and severe side effects in its...

Carcinogens that we encounter in daily life

Carcinogens are one of the primary causes of cancer in Pakistan.

Scope of Cancer Research in Pakistan

Cancer is a disease whereby affected body cells grow uncontrolled and deprives healthy body cells of nutrients and appropriate function. According to a fact...

Nanomaterials- A synchronous vision for cancer diagnostic & therapy

Malignant neoplasm is notorious as cancer, a fatal non-communicable disease that has devastated millions of lives over the years. For beating cancer, there are...

Stories of Courage, Notable Cancer Survivors

Most of the people become hopeless about life when they found themselves being suffering from such a life-threatening disease. This is an inner strength and motivation that help patient to endure the whole process.

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