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The Road to Billion tree Tsunami for environment protection

A massive deforestation project launched by the government of KPK

C-14 from nuclear bomb tests found in the deep ocean trenches

“Keep a count of your activities as everything you do have an impact on the surrounding…” In the 21st century, where we are enjoying a...

Deforestation and climate changes

Most of the northern parts of Baluchistan have thirty-eight percent fewer rains and snowfall for the last five years.

Mount Everest: “The high altitude rubbish dump”

Human activities have contaminated every place on this beautiful blue planet including, rivers, oceans, deserts and even atmosphere and even sky.The case is also...

Air Pollution: The Invisible Murderer

On February 2013 Ella Kissi-Debrah, a 9 nine-year-old girl died of what was thought to be  respiratory failure due to a severe asthma attack. However,...

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