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A look at the case of Thalassemia in Pakistan

The blood disorder of thalassemia occurs around the world and some of its sub-types are extremely lethal.

Is genetic engineering the holy grail to cure infectious diseases?

Employing genetic engineering for the treatment of infectious diseases means introducing specific genes that discretely inhibit or block the functions of target genes.

Chronic diseases: An interplay of infections and our genome

Chronic and especially cardiometabolic diseases are the culmination of multiple risk factors ranging from genetic predispositions and sedentary lifestyles to stress.

Cancer; From Hope to the Possible Cure

Dr Waqas Usman Hingoro, shines light on the latest advancement in cancer treatment.

Science News of The Month

Take a look at the news shaking the world of science.

Gene therapy: cure for Genetic disorders and chronic diseases

The promising techniques could provide cure for fatal diseases and thus could change the lives of millions.

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