Turtles on the beaches of Makran are at risk

In recent years, the beaches of Makran were considered safe for aquatic life. Many of the world’s aquatic life species are found here. The beaches of Daran, Jewaani Tak, Ormara, Hiftilar Island and Pasni have been given the status of safe havens for a unique population of green turtles. Since these areas are far away from human populations, they are ideal for these unique turtles.

Sadly, dead bodies of these animals are now being unveiled in these areas. These areas no longer serve as sites of protection for these turtles. Since they are shy animals, they do not lay their eggs near areas where humans reside. They prefer places with no noise and light.

Biology experts say that only one out of thousand baby turtles are able to survive. This can lead us to ponder over the importance of turtles for ocean life. Experts say that their diet includes jellyfish and other water entities found near the coast. They also help in cleaning impurities in the water, which is crucial for the flourishing of other aquatic life. The average age of turtles is about 100 to 150 years, and they travel to a lot of countries in the world.

Biology experts say that only one out of thousand baby turtles are able to survive.

Due to the present discovery of carcasses on the coast of Makran, biologists are extremely worried. A few days ago, a dead turtle was found in the coastal area, Jaddi, of Pasni and Padi Zar of Gwadar. There are other unreported cases as well.

Biologists state that the main reason for the death of these turtles is Plastic nets and shoppers. Plastic does not degrade for 400 to 450 years. Since their main diet is jellyfish, they perceive these shoppers to be jellyfish by mistake and try to eat them. These get stuck in their stomachs and prove fatal.

Fishermen use these plastic nets in vast amounts. They frequently throw pieces of these nets in the ocean and turtles are captured in them. This leads to their death.

On the other hand, thousands of tourists visit the coastal areas of Makran daily and amply pollute the area by throwing plastic waste along the shore. On many occasions, turtles die when they come close to the littered shores.

Due to the lack of education and awareness, the local people do not consider the turtles to be important. Also, in far off areas, there is no one to rescue them. Secondly, the locals do not take the death of these turtles seriously either and make no efforts to protect them. No NGO or governmental authority is working for the protection of these rare turtles.

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