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Fouz Siddiqui

Fouz Siddiqui is a writer, academic and scientific management person. Presently, he is a Co-founder and Chief Information Officer at Scientia Magazine. As CIO, he oversees the implementation and strategization of Scientia's technological and scientific vision. Concurrently, In academia, he holds a Lecturer and QM position at ATH - IST. As an academic, his research interests are Exoplanetary Sciences within Astronomy. Furthermore, he also works with Kainaat Studios, as its Manager of Science Outreach.

Beyond the Solar System: In conversation with Faisal ur Rehman

Faisal Ur Rahman is an Astrophysicist and Data Scientist, interested in learning and testing theories related to the evolution and expansion of our universe....

James Webb Space Telescope: A curious urge of humanity to know itself

This Christmas, we launched the most expensive and breakthrough telescope of mankind, the $10Bn JWST. 

Exploring DATA Sciences with Prof. Dr. Murtaza Haider

Data Science is considered one of the lucrative and challenging job fields in the 21st century. This is an era where data itself is...

Talking Rocket Science and Pakistan’s Future In Satellite Launching Vehicles

Background The world is changing? No, the Universe is changing! the universe we know in our minds and we know scientifically. Since the advent...

Can we end the Moon sighting controversy in Pakistan?

From the current scientific point of view, it was nearly impossible to see the crescent from any part of Pakistan through binoculars on May 12.

International Dark-Sky Week 2021 By Cosmic Tribe

For a country like Pakistan, where astronomy is still not a very popular area of study, directly impacting the unawareness of the general public...

Aliza Ayaz speaks on Climate Action and Sustainable Development Goals

Leveraging this moment of crisis, when usual policies and social norms have been disrupted, bold steps can steer the world back on track towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

The conundrum of the cold-spot in the relic of Big Bang: Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation

A few weeks back, when my cable operator shut-down my channel subscriptions, I could only see nothing but the "Radiation of Big Bang" sarcastically...

Humanity’s Most Significant Scientific Collaboration For Apollo 11

Humanity’s most significant collaborative achievement started with, then Director of the Parkes Observatory, John Bolton, who did an official one-line contract with NASA: “The...


The grains of dust are even older than our own sun’s formation trapped inside the meteor piece.

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