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The comparative reliability of diagnostic tools and laboratory testing in PAKISTAN

Statistics showed that in Punjab alone, there are more than 4000 labs with less than 400 qualified pathologists or experienced lab technologists.

How Baluchistan is combating with the pandemic

Since March 2020, Baluchistan Rural Support organization carried its assessment and emergency response activities at 27 districts.

A Student’s life in Wuhan under lockdown

Ayesha Khan is a Pakistan originated student at Wuhan University pursuing her M.S in economics.

How to protect the elderly from COVID-19

Social isolation in seniors has been linked to increased depression and suicidality, increased pro-inflammatory and decreased anti-viral immune responses. ~Dr. Ali Javed

How Covid-19 is impacting air travel with Captain Jahanzeb

Coronavirus pandemic is a humanitarian crisis and there are drastic restrictions designed to minimize the spread of the virus. They may vary from continent...

COVID19 makes the benefits of Telework obvious~Issam

Issam Ahmad is a Health, science, and environment reporter for Agency France Press.

How the pandemic alters the lives of Doctors & Health workers

With the mindset that this is the time the nation needs us, and it makes us strong enough to put our lives at risk to save others. `Dr. Zahra Jaan

International Relations in the wake of COVID-19 crisis

Dr. Afsah Qazi is serving as the Assistant Professor at the Department of IR, National Defense University, Islamabad.

Adjusting to the exigent life of a Broadcaster under Coronavirus lockdown~ Zeeshan Haider

Haider is a senior broadcaster and media professional at BBC World and BBC Urdu.

On the Sensitivity and need to continue research in space and other Sciences after the Pandemic

Dr. Nozair Khawaja is a Pakistan-based German planetary scientist associates with ESA & Free University Berlin.

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