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How Pakistan saved Markhor from going extinct

If natural beauty is the crown of Earth, then biodiversity is the jewel in this crown. However, anthropogenic activities are continually decaying this jewel.  Markhor...

An Exclusive Tour of the Pakistan Museum of Natural History

Corresponding to the theme of our wildlife edition, we decided to take a tour of the Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH) that is...

Eucalyptus poses a threat to the 10 billion tree tsunami Project

As policy of Pakistan turn green, environment of Pakistan faces greater threat of degradation.

A Well-cited Research by a Pakistani Author, Engr Mohammad Nawaz

Engr Nawaz developed the NEH algorithm in 1980 during his M Eng at Penn State University, US, which is an essential part of almost all references or textbooks covering Scheduling topics.

Pakistan; The Road towards Digitalization

"Speed is the new currency of business," according to Marc Benioff, The CEO of Sales force In-corporations, one of the leading cloud-based Software companies...

Making Science public should be our priority

Our policymakers and think tanks should work on a proper strategy and planning for 2020 to tackle future challenges.

A conversation with Dr. Nidhal Guessoum on underlying problems in Universities of the Muslim World

Prof Dr. Nidhal Guessoum is an Algerian astrophysicist based in  the UAE. He completed M.Sc and P.hD in Physics at the University of California,...

Pride of the Nation; Dr. A Q Khan

Dr. Khan is a Pakistani nuclear scientist, known as the pride of the nation and the father of the Pakistan atomic bomb program. Dr....

Inspiring minds; Muslim Scientists of the modern era

Muslim scientists and inventors have been contributing to the field of Science up to a great extent. Muslims were the pioneers of inventions and...

Salam Biopic Review: Reflecting the true end of a tragedy

The makers of Salam- The First Nobel Laureate indulge the audiences in the extraordinary life of the boy who was born without even ordinary privileges.

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