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Remembering Dr. Salam: A meritorious journey to becoming the best in science

Dr. Salam was a charismatic, humble, different and challenging individual who inspired millions around the globe.

Team Pakistan wins seed-grant at TechWomen 2019

Pakistan has no doubt amazing potential in the technology sector, and this just got proven at TechWomen 2019, where a team from Pakistan, consisting solely of...

Scope of Cancer Research in Pakistan

Cancer is a disease whereby affected body cells grow uncontrolled and deprives healthy body cells of nutrients and appropriate function. According to a fact...

NASA Space Apps Challenge Pakistan 2019 – A Success Story

NASA Space Apps Challenge was organized for the 3rd consecutive time this year by RaheQamar and their event partners in Pakistan. The event organized...

The Taboo around Cancer in Women

Little do they know that sharing the cancer news and updates can be an empowering experience and it will dissolve the taboo.


NASA is hosting the biggest global hackathon of the year, NASA Space App Challenge 2019.

Top Pakistani Start-ups that roar in the world of AI

After the flourishing of AI and machine learning, innovation would not a new thing in Pakistan. There will be such AI systems that...

A Talk with Dr. Fauzia, Pakistan’s first female Cyber Security Analyst

Dr. Abro, Pakistan’s first female with a doctorate in Cyber Security from a foreign University, the first female Ph.D. of Pakistan Armed Forces.

Beating the Odds: A journey from Buleda to Cambridge

Dr Yarjan Abdul Samad is pushing the boundaries of space science and wishes to see Pakistan's own mission launched.

Remembering the Acclaimed Scientists of Pakistan

Pakistan has produced many talented scientists and researchers throughout its 70-year history

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